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Ad Flex

version: 0.8.1
author: Van Kham Chiem

Ad Flex is a SEO and Adsense friendly Niche content web site oriented Wordpress theme. It can display your posts with 2 Adsense banners, 1 Adsense Link unit, 8 random images adjacent to Adsense banners, RSS feeds code, custom link items, stat counter. It's a 2-column, fixed width, centered, sidebar on right, header with random banner images, random background images. Just refresh the page several times to better see the randomize effect in action.

The Wordpress Adsense theme Ad Flex provides you with a straight forward way to ranke in search engines, increase Adsense CRT, and a nice looking design for your blog. It is made for Wordpress 2.0 and above and it is released under the GPL.

This theme used to require the Wordpress plugin Customizable Post Listings but now it doesn't require any Wordpress plugins anymore. If you've previously installed the plugin Customizable Post Listings in the purpose to use it only with Ad Flex, you can desactivate it safely.

Please visit the home of Wordpress template Ad Flex to read the installation instruction and useful information to exploit the full potential of this theme and discover other features.

Please note that the Wordpress Adsense template Ad Flex is a Niche content web site oriented Wordpress theme and so it may be less appropriate for a typical blogging usage as it only shows the list of most recent posts and doesn't show the list of categories. If you need a real blog oriented version of this theme, please use the Wordpress theme Wordpress Adsense theme Blog Flex instead of Wordpress theme Ad Flex. You can also find other Wordpress themes at VK Labs Wordpress themes.


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