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author: Moses Francis

Sparky is a 2 column light blue coloured scheme wordpress themes by and supported by Jewelry.

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Random Wordpress Themes


Dedicated to a cute girl named Andharra. Thanks to Forex Mentor who helped me doing some scratches. ..
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Warm and Dry

This warm and dry theme was designed by Fernando_Graphicos specifically, and only, for Mrs. Moonbeam..
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Theme based on Multiflex-3, designed by Wolfgang ..
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Hemingway is a simple weblog theme by Kyle Neath aimed at giving bloggers a great platform on which ..
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Ad Flex

Ad Flex is a SEO and Adsense friendly Niche content web site oriented Wordpress theme. It can displa..
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A Simple Three Column Theme based on K2. Originally Designed by Hakan Aydin ..
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Another approach on a magazine like three col fixed theme with custom painting + an intelligent PHP ..
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A grey theme with round corners for Wordpress 1.5 ..
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Blogaholic Green

Blogaholic Green theme is made by Darjan Panic ..
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Theme inspirated in sunflower fields with classical Wordpress layout, by Pello Altadill ..
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