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version: 1.0
author: The undersigned

Blocky, colourful 1 column theme, but very customizeable! Every color on the site can be changed through an extra WordPress presentation tab, where you also can set site font, site width, hard or round corners on boxes and much more. Widget ready.

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Based on the original flex theme and improved upon by Kashou ..
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Sunflowers-Theme from sno-labs. ..
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Magnum: Lite

A very sleek wordpress theme by Jack O'Shaughnessy. Check out the Magnum Development Page! ..
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Sweet Blossoms

A narrow two column design primarily using pink. Flowers and butterflies :). ..
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Harmony is a modified version by Tina Silva from the fSpring theme designed by Fredrik Fahlstad.The ..
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Crickey! - The Crocodile Hunter Tribute Theme

A tribute to Steve Irwin wordpress theme a modified Sunflower Theme ..
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Sleepy WordPress theme created by Small Potato. ..
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Ic Theme

Ic Theme ..
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red minimalista

Theme for Wordpress 2.x, Vladimir Simovic aka Perun. This Theme is Open Source. ..
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A two column theme with header looking like an egg. Many thanks to Hu-Hu Design. ..
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